Positive Year for Plus. Very good results of Polkomtel in 2012!
data: 2013-03-19
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Highest EBITDA, highest contract customer base, strong cash flow, repayment of over PLN 1 billion of the credit facility and LTE in most of the offers and on all types of equipment. This is how Polkomtel finished the year 2012.

Polkomtel’s EBITDA is the highest when compared to the results of other Polish mobile operators. In 2012, its EBITDA amounted to PLN 2,795 million, and EBITDA margin was at the record breaking level reaching the highest value in the company’s history – 39.2%. Furthermore, the operator also has the highest ARPU on the market (PLN 39.5). Plus has for many months been holding an uncontested position of the leader in the segment of the most valuable, and at the same time most loyal, contract customers. They constitute ca. 54% of the total customer base of Plus. The company estimated its share in this category at nearly 30%. Revenues in 2012 amounted to PLN 7,133 million, whereas in Q4 2012 the revenues amounted to PLN 1,776 million.

„Contrary to the claims made by some of our competitors, one can accomplish very good results when operating on the telecommunication market in Poland. Polkomtel has achieved financial results of which other operators could only dream and this enables the company to purse one of its main goals, namely continuing to be the most profitable mobile operator in Poland. We can safely claim that we are a "green island", each year improving our EBITDA margin while leaving competitors behind." – said Joanna Nieckarz, Management Board Member and Finance Director of Polkomtel Sp. z o.o.– „High EBITDA and cash flow allow for faster repayment of the Company’s debt, thanks to which last year we managed to repay over PLN 1 billion of our credit facility."

The results of Polkomtel Sp. z o.o. for 2012: 

Financial results

in million PLN

(acc. to IFRS)





Total revenue

7 312

7 133


2 827

2 795

EBITDA as % of revenue



Cash Flow

1 745

2 069

2012 in Plus was the year of LTE. Plus was the first mobile operator to introduce this technology and consistently extends the portfolio of services and equipment based on it. The operator offers LTE in all its mobile data tariffs. Practically all devices supporting LTE available on the market have been introduced to the offer: LTE modems, mobile LTE routers, LTE WiFi, LTE tablets, LTE laptops and LTE smartphones! In 2012, Plus as the first operator across the world reached the data transmission speed of over 150Mb/s in 1800 MHz frequency in LTE technology. Thanks to the aforementioned solutions, which were successively introduced by Plus last year, when talking about mobile Internet today we mean LTE standard.

A distinct change in quality was also visible in other offers and Plus started positively standing out on the market. Plus was the first operator in Poland to introduce no-limit offers for prepaid and mix customers. It was also the first operator to present a combined offer of "smartphone + tablet" to contract customers, supported by the ‘Oba Ma’ advertising campaign.

„It was an important year for Plus, in which the Company underwent a serious reorganization, while at the same time maintaining its strong market position." –said Wojciech Pytel, Management Board Member of Polkomtel – „According to the previous announcement, Polkomtel has carried out an upgrade of part of its network, which resulted in offering the fastest mobile Internet – LTE to nearly half of the Poland’s population, whereas HSPA/HSPA+ technology was extended to over 93% of the country’s population. We can safely claim that Plus has the best and fastest mobile Internet. We have the best mobile Internet network in Poland. We have also managed to surprise the market with totally new offers, the success of which was proven by our competitors copying our solutions. What is equally important, in Q4 we again increased our customer base".

At the end of 2012, Plus network services were used by nearly 13,839 thousand customers.

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